MEGAMAN® Launches LEO High Bay Ideal for Illuminating Industrial Spaces with High Ceilings

(Hong Kong – 27 October 2018) Leveraging on the latest LED technology, MEGAMAN® launched the powerful LEO High Bay which is designed to distribute bright, even and energy-efficient lighting over large open areas of industrial spaces with high ceilings such as warehouses, factories, logistics centres, trade fairs and gymnasiums.

With MEGAMAN® LED innovations of high bay lighting, it is now so easy to modernize your industrial and commercial applications. The LEO High Bay focuses light directly to create powerful illumination at a long range. Available in lumen packages of 11000lm and 22000lm, and beam angles of 50° and 110° for different applications of spaces with a range of high ceiling height.

Unique for its low-profile high bay unit and flexible modular design, the LEO High Bay is flicker-free to provide superb glare control (URG≤19) and maximum output quality, thanks to latest generation of LED sources. It also has a robust polycarbonate housing against high impact resistance. Despite its robustness, it is extremely light weight - 3kg only - for easy mounting, reducing installation time and cost. The concealed heat sink makes product unobtrusive and passive cooling system with noiseless feature.

This new addition can save up to 60 percent in energy costs when replacing traditional fixtures. Maintenance cost will be largely reduced as the rated life is up to 50,000 hours. Because it emits less heat, it will result in lower air conditioning costs.

Available in square and circular shape options, the mounting methods can vary depending on the fixtures of your building. High bay and low bay are typically suspension mounted using chains or hooks, but they may also have the option of being surface mounted with a bracket. MEGAMAN® has brought these advantages to new heights in a single product that can serve as either high bay or floodlight lighting. Accessories like suspension wires with hooks and U-shaped brackets are available.

Designed with a twist lock fastener, the LEO High Bay is unique for its tool-less installation that enables flexible cable entries and a tool-less wiring for fast connection. It also has a built-in solution for three hours of emergency lighting option.

MEGAMAN® LEO LED High Bay is the perfect alternative for traditional counterparts. Designed for warehouse lighting, recreation centres and storage facilities, it improves visibility and worker safety while enhancing productivity.

MEGAMAN® LEO LED High Bay is perfect for illuminating large open areas of industrial spaces with high ceilings.