MEGAMAN® NERO Integrated Waterproof LED Batten Ideal Alternative to T5 and T8 Fluorescent Battens

(Hong Kong - 14 May 2018) Designed and engineered by MEGAMAN®, the NERO Integrated Waterproof LED Batten is cost-effective and lightweight alternative to T5 and T8 fluorescent battens, providing flexible installation and outstanding energy efficiency.

Made of tough polycarbonate, which is used for many applications requiring high-impact resistance, the enclosure of the NERO Integrated Waterproof LED Batten has a vandal resistance rating of IK08, thus protecting the batten against heavy rain, strong wind and other severe weather conditions. With a superior IP66 protection, it offers complete protection against dust and powerful water jets from any direction.

Installation or dismantling has never been easier with NERO Integrated Waterproof LED Batten. It already includes an integrated driver and built-in LED within the luminaire. The sliding stainless steel clips also make suspended or surface mounted installation simple, quick and neat.

With a simple and reliable design, the NERO Integrated Waterproof LED Batten has cable entries and through wiring features that ensure highest flexibility in connection. Coupled with a rated life of up to 50,000 hours, the new series is extremely durable and long-life, which will reduce maintenance and replacement costs significantly.

Thanks to its advanced features of vandal resistance and high IP rating, the NERO Integrated Waterproof LED Batten is perfect for outdoor use in car parks, warehouses, workshops, underground areas and etc. Additional option of permanent live is also available to facilitate the use of external PIR sensor module and other non-maintained emergency luminaires.   [More Details] 

MEGAMAN® NERO Integrated Waterproof LED Batten is perfect alternative to T5 and T8 fluorescent tubes


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